Taking a deeper look at what Women’s History Month means through the eyes of a Hamilton Families staff member.

Rosa Martinez, Hamilton Families Chief Financial Officer

March brings on the start of Spring, but it is also Women’s History Month — recognizing and acknowledging the achievements of women over the centuries as well as reinforcing women empowerment.

Rosa Martinez, the standing CFO of Hamilton Families, shared her background and insight on what Women’s History Month means from her perspective. She is one of the staff members that has been with Hamilton Families the longest, starting with the organization back in 1998. “I was working for a for-profit manufacturing company,” Martinez recalled, “I was not really happy with what I was doing at the time and I…

Hamilton Families and their Strategic Partnerships team are finding the resources that families experiencing homelessness need to keep them on their feet, financially and emotionally.

Ana Gomez, Hamilton Families Assc. Dir. of Strategic Partnerships.

Although this dynamic and diverse group within Hamilton Families has only recently been active, the Strategic Partnerships team has made its mark and become a significant part of the Bay Area-based nonprofit.

Within a year, the team has set up over 15 partnerships including big names such as One Degree, partnering with them to use their online platform to create an internal resource referral tracking system for case workers supervising families experiencing homelessness. …

What will your resolutions be for the new year? Say “good riddance” to 2020 and embrace 2021 by dismantling stereotypes of family homelessness.

The end of January is already upon us. As we embark into this new year, I have found that one way we can stick to keeping our new year resolutions is to say them out loud.

We all have personal resolutions. They usually are along the lines of “ I am going to go to the gym more, I am going to eat better, and I am finally dumping a certain someone who held me back this year (maybe their name is ‘2020’).” We all come up with one or two, maybe a whole list of resolutions that we try…

Even during a pandemic, the Hamilton Families | Real Estate Department continues to find housing for families experiencing homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Hamilton Families Real Estate Team (Photo Tami Gaines | Hamilton Families)

The City of San Francisco has persistently faced a crisis of homelessness that needs attention, solutions, and community support. Organizations throughout the Bay Area are helping families that are experiencing homelessness get into emergency shelters, temporary housing, and permanent homes. Hamilton Families is one of the prominent organizations doing so, and are all about ending family homelessness.

The force behind Hamilton Families is, of course, its staff — the essential workers who tirelessly help families in need of housing and supportive services. The core is the Real Estate and Navigation teams working collaboratively to house families. …

Stepping out, popping our bubbles, and gaining awareness of the blessings we hold.

Oftentimes, we get caught up in our own little bubbles. We focus on ourselves, our frustrations, our daily dramas, our unabating on-the-go mentalities. We often do not recognize the spoiled extent of those bubbles. How those bubbles involve a trip to Starbucks to get an overpriced coffee to start the day. How those bubbles involve waking up and going to sleep in comfortable and safe beds that are in homes that we take for granted. How those bubbles have food in the refrigerator waiting for us when we return from our frustrating, overwhelming, and on-the-go days. …

Devon Mandell

NCSU '21

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